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Workflow Automation for EasyCatalog | Database-Publishing

Workflow Automation for EasyCatalog

easycatalog-workflow-automatisierung-automatepagination.jpg ap01_open_scripts_panel.png Hauptfenster mit 2 aktiven Profilen zum automatisierten Paginieren mit EasyCatalog Paginierungs-Parameter für einen sog. Split-Wert festlegen Paginierungs-Parameter wie im Paginierungsdialog von EasyCatalog festlegen Parameter definieren, um ein InDesign-Buch nach der Aktualisierung oder Produktion zu aktualisieren Pfad und Dateiname für eine zu produzierende InDesign-Datei definieren Parameter und PDF-Joboption-Profile für bis zu zwei automatisch zu erzeugende PDF-Dateien angeben Übersichts- und Ausgabe-Dialog für die Workflow-Automatisierung für EasyCatalog

With only EasyCatalog, you can accelerate the production of catalogues, price lists, data sheets and other printed media, dramatically. However, there is no workflow support shipped with EasyCatalog. Several duties remain in real-life scenarios during production, including:
  • Pagination of your products' data
  • Updating furniture on pages
  • Updating table of contents
  • Updating numbers in an InDesign book
  • Generating print and screen PDFs side by side

These tasks, amongst others, will have to be performed again and again during production, meaning lots of manual effort.

Additionally, imagine you need to produce your catalogue or price list in many different languages, also the effort multiplicates to a huge total expenditure.

The UST pagination helper for EasyCatalog offers you a convenient way of configuring your production with a graphical user interface. Settings will be remembered from session to session. At the end, you will only need a few clicks for the whole production of your catalogue. The pagination helper will do everything for you, starting with the generation of the product sheets, followed by updating e.g. the TOC, page numbers and ending in final generation of screen and print PDFs.

This workflow automation utility comes as an InDesign script. Aside from the license for the script itself, you will also need licenses for the EasyCatalog basic installation as well as its pagination and scripting modules.