AutomatePagination Release-Notes for EasyCatalog Version 1.66


  • Unattended mode can also take a name of a configuration (=collection of several profiles) in order to execute pagination for more than one profile at once.


  • Book options: Checkbox "Refresh all ... fields in all book documents" added. This helps updating specific fields with page number in documents such as table of contents.
  • Book options: underneath checkbox mentioned above, an input field has been added in order to specify which field to update, e.g. "_pageno" instead of "_page".


  • Book options: Checkbox added in order to apply rules when a document is getting updated.


  • AutomatePagination.jsx can be run in unattended mode.
  • AutomatePaginationRun.jsx can be called via OLE Automation using doScript() including a profile name for pagination in order to run AutomatePagination.jsx in unattended mode.


  • No need to have text frame for pagination on very first page in document. It can also reside on page 2, 3 etc. Pagination will always take place into text frame carrying the respective script label.
  • Name of EasyCatalog data souce will be added to parameter list of the hook script afterOpenBook. It's interface stays compatibel to earlier versions.